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At More Hair Solutions our desire is to give you, the client, the highest quality product, using the absolute latest technology and materials available. Our goal is to give the look, feel, and confidence you deserve.

Thirty years ago we were the first to bring hair extensions to Northern California. Although they were perfected over the years, extensions were still not the answer for those suffering varying degrees of hair loss, primarily on the top of the head. So over twenty years ago More Hair Solutions became the division of Designer Headliner to address the sensitive issue of hair loss. Prior to that time, the technology, quality, and appearance did not meet our standards for a natural looking, comfortable, and secure Hair Replacement.

There are several reasons for hair loss. The most common is “male pattern baldness” being hair loss in men on the top area of a man’s head and “female pattern baldness” being hair loss in women on the top area of a woman’s head. Both are naturally occurring, some believe it to be inherited. There are several medical conditions that cause thinning hair or hair loss, such as low thyroid. There are also several medications that have the side effect of thinning hair or hair loss.

There has been a tremendous amount of research into finding a “hair loss cure” or “balding cure” unfortunately as of yet there hasn’t been any “cure” found. There have been some treatments produced that have in some cases served to slow down the speed of the thinning hair. The treatments are a temporary solution to slow down the hair thinning, when the treatments stop the hair loss returns to the natural progression in most cases.

Hair transplants are an option for hair restoration in some cases. The hair used to transplant into the balding area is hair that is taken from another part of the patients head. The hair used for the hair transplant is called “donor hair.” That being said, the patient must have enough hair on another part of their head where the hair is not in danger of the hair thinning enough naturally for the “donor hair” taken for the transplant to be a problem. Hair transplants (being surgical) can be painful with a long recovery time, during the healing process there is a chance of infection.

The most non-invasive and yet effect solution to “thinning hair” or “hair loss” is known as “non-surgical hair restoration” or “non-surgical hair replacement.” Both terms refer to the same method of solving the problem of hair loss. As the name says this procedure is not a surgery, but is very affective in covering the area of hair loss. The materials and technics in this area of “hair replacement” or “ hair restoration” are very advanced and create a completely natural looking result. To get an idea of how natural “non-surgical hair restoration” looks, just watch the movies. When you see the actors in different “looks” that is all done by forms of “non-surgical hair replacement.” Amazing, isn’t it!!

You will be amazed at the security you feel wearing your new custom fitted non-surgical hair replacement system, and how undetectable and natural it looks.

We also have solutions for those who don't have enough hair loss to require a hair system, but are thinning enough to feel uncomfortable with the way they look.

At More Hair Solutions we remain on the cutting edge of non-surgical hair replacement and extensions through continual education, training, and the use of the absolute latest techniques and technologies available today.

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