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Solutions for Thinning Hair and Balding

Provides cutting edge non-surgical hair replacement and extensions.

More Hair Solutions provides personalized hair care and services for our clients that are suffering from varying degrees of hair loss, mainly at the top of the head. Using non-invasive hair replacement as well as hair extensions, we seek to restore your hair along with your confidence, helping you to look and feel great once again.

We are led by Tory Meredith and Peggy Meredith, who brought hair extensions to Northern California just over 30 years ago. We serve customers in the Redding, California area to help address the issue of hair loss. We provide the highest quality products and use the latest technology and materials to restore your hair.

At More Hair Solutions our desire is to give you, the client, the highest quality product, using the absolute latest technology and materials available. Our goal is to give the look, feel, and confidence you deserve.  These are not the Hair Pieces, Wigs or Toupees of yesteryear!  

Causes for Hair Loss

Hair Loss is caused by a number of factors and conditions. Some of these reasons include:

  • Male Pattern Baldness

  • Female Pattern Baldness

  • Alopecia

  • Low Thyroid

  • Medication Side effect

Male and female pattern baldness are inherited traits. Hair loss and balding does not have a cure, but there are products that can slow down the process, and procedures that create the illusion of a natural head of hair.

Hair Loss Solutions

We specialize in non-invasive solutions for thinning hair and hair loss. Although hair transplants are an option, surgical hair restoration can be painful with a long recovery time. The patient also must have enough hair in another part of the head to transfer to the area that is thinning.

We use non-surgical hair replacement to cover areas that are affected by hair loss. We attach a hair system to the thinning area that matches your hair type and color. Our systems are advanced, and give a natural looking result, giving the effect that you have a full natural head of hair.

The end result is not like a Hair Piece, Wig or Toupee, that you can easily spot across the room. These systems once expertly cut, will look like they're growing out of your head, even from close scrutiny.  These are the same quality as what is used in A list films.  

Call More Hair Solutions today for a complimentary consultation about cutting-edge methods to restore your hair loss. We are the go-to location for hair care and services for thinning hair or balding in the Redding, California area, there is no need to drive to Sacramento or San Francisco.

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