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Non-Invasive Hair Replacement

Hair Loss Solutions

The experts at More Hair Solutions continually give clients in the Redding, California area the best hair care and service solutions for thinning hair and balding. Instead of driving to San Francisco or Sacramento, our experienced stylists will sit down with you for a free, private consultation to see what is needed to restore your hair to its natural fullness.

Non-Surgical Hair Replacement

We take the following steps when conducting non-invasive hair replacement. 

1. We make a mold of the persons head where the hair system will be placed. 

2. The hair system is designed to match the persons hair length, texture and color.

3. The hair system design is sent off to the factory where it is hand tied one hair at a time to naturally fit and match the person's hair. 

4. The new hair system that comes back from the factory is then attached to the persons head with a surgical grade adhesive, and cut to blend into their hairstyle.

5. Our clients then wear their new hair for four to six weeks.

6. We then remove their hair system, clean it and the clients head, before placing it back on the head again and cutting their hair to match the system again or to have it removed and have another new system put on.

Our non-surgical hair replacement service is a much more comfortable and safer method to replace hair as opposed to hair transplant surgery. It is a painless, easy procedure and everyone around you will be impressed with your natural looking hair, they’ll never know. 

Call us today to set up a free consultation at 530-243-1822.

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