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As a 32-year veteran of hairdressing I made the decision to get a custom hair system to counteract the hair loss I have lived with for 20 years.


For 20 years the biggest thing that I felt was missing in my life was hair. The level of confidence I lacked because of my hair loss was immeasurable.


Figuring that I could do it on my own, I tried. I did enjoy the experience of starting however I did not know the level of confidence I would regain by having it professionally done. 


After consideration of what to do I spoke with Tory Meredith, Tye Meredith, and Peggy Meredith. The three of them made my decision easy.


After showing up for a short consultation appointment on the fly, they were able to accommodate me and fit me in quickly.


Tory and Peggy took very special care of my feelings of embarrassment over hair loss, worked with me, and taught me proper care of my hair system.


The level of respect, compassion, and understanding made me feel at home. Tory treated me as if I was royalty. He never made me feel embarrassed by my state of hair loss. I now feel that I can walk with my head held high, and feel pride in the way I look. He took the time to explain the ups and downs of glues and tapes and the proper products to use.


For 20 years I wore something to cover my head out of embarrassment, now I look in the mirror and I see what I always thought I should see. I waited 20 years to feel like myself, MORE HAIR SOLUTIONS made me feel better about my appearance in a few short hours.


I will never be without my hair system from now on. I now feel that I look on the outside the way I have always felt on the inside.


Thank you Tory, Peggy, and Tye.


Tory is my hairdresser, because now I have hair, I am beyond grateful.



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