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Mission Statement

why we do what we do

As Designer Headliner we have been doing traditional hair for over 35 years, but always worked hard to bring the most cutting edge styles and technologies to Redding Ca.  People would have to travel 2-3+ hours to San Francisco or Sacramento to get these equaled styles and services otherwise.

We brought extensions to Redding over 25 years ago, and these worked great for those who wanted to add some length or thickness to their hair, however these couldn't help everyone.  We started having consultations with potential clients that were thinning a lot on top of their heads and extensions couldn't help with this.

Over 20 years ago we searched to find the answer to so many peoples problems, Non-Surgical Hair Replacement.  More Hair Solutions was born, a division of Designer Headliner, to address these important issues locally.  There was no one in over 100 miles providing these services.

We traveled countrywide to get the best education in the hair replacement industry and brought it back to Redding. We are dedicated to continuing education.

We only work with top product manufacturers to assure the best for our clients.  

We are so happy that we're able to bring these services to the people of Redding California!

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